Thursday, May 13, 2010


After the last few days of heavy reflections, I think some good old fashioned humor is in order to lighten the mood of this blog.

This photcaught my attention since my daughter loves Dora. The caption read “Pimp My Ride Fail.” 

I would like to dedicate this video from The Onion to my lovely wife, Jennifer:

Advocacy Group: Mothers Have Right To Expose Milk-Engorged Breasts In Public

Here is a bit of nerdy English humor for my AP students who were griping last week about the term portmanteau:

The Human Tetris Game Show is quite amusing:

Some of my students brought this one to my attention. Ignorance is a sad thing:


  1. The women's suffrage video would have been more entertaining if it included the clips (and I'm sure there were many) with people like me, who would have looked at that guy as if he'd grown a third head and said, "What is WRONG with you, you throwback?"

  2. You're absolutely right. The best way to combat this, of course, is a sound education. My two daughters (2.5 years old and 1 month old) will definitely know what women's suffrage means! :)

  3. I just realized I said "third head"... as if the guy already had two. Not sure what that was all about.