Monday, April 1, 2013

NCEA 2013: Prezi, Prezi, Prezi

Google document with handout information.

Prezi, Prezi, Prezi:
Using Technology Effectively
With a Collaborative Learning Pedagogy
Mr. Adam Thompson, M.Ed., M.A.
5th Grade Homeroom Teacher at Western Academy
Forensics Coach, Editor of Western Word, Wrestling Coach

1.   Start by identifying curricular goals.
a.    What is the core concept(s) for your class project?
                           i. Interpretive paradigms for literature (12th)
                          ii. Birth of American nation state (5th)
b.   What are your primary learning objectives?
                           i. Identify, differentiate, analyze, evaluate, and
                      apply different ideological approaches to the   
                     meanings of texts (12th)
                         ii. Investigate, contextualize, illustrate, narrate,  
                       critique, and above all, remember, humanity
                       amidst the complex nature of warfare (5th)
2.   Consider your audience.
a.    What is the best way to group your students?
                           i. 60 students divided across 3 classes (12th);           
                        3 sets of pairings per interpretive model
                          ii. 20 students divided into 4 houses (5th);                     
                        5 students per battle
b.   What visual metaphor or Prezi template will appeal most  
            to your audience?
                           i. Visual metaphor of key(s) to texts (12th)
                          ii. Prezi template suited to WA House system (5th)
c.    What can you do to incentivize the project?
                       i. Group capstone to senior year to complement the
                       individual Senior Thesis project; cloud-based
                        reference tool for students to utilize from college  
                        (12th) = intrinsic motivation
                         ii. House competition for pride and prizes (snake
                        skin wallet, PS3 game, donut party) (5th)
                        = extrinsic motivation
3.   Scaffold the project.
a.   Build foregrounded title frame and individual frames with
            titles and central picture for each literary model+ MLA
            citation examples (12th).
b.   Supply annotated central image of 13 colonies, as well as
            a completed template with original YouTube video and
            maps of the Battle of Bunker Hill + MLA citation examples
c.   Showcase examples of other great Prezis online.
d.   Review the rubric with the students.
4.   Monitor the project.
a.   Regularly save copies of the Prezi.
b.   Demonstrate Prezi techniques with the students.
c.   Celebrate achievements and provide constructive
    criticism as the Prezi evolves.
d.   Provide basic or advanced paths for group work to create  
            a smooth flowing Prezi.
5.   Assess the project.
a.   Students showcase their work in class.
b.   Grade the collaborative projects following the rubric you
            distributed at the beginning.
c.   Return assessments with suggestions for improvement.
d.   Allow time for revision and improvement.
e.   Publish/publicize students' final product.
Literary Theory Overview Prezi Rubric
Content: 50 pts
1. 3 characteristics of assigned literary theory
2. 2 quotes from intellectuals associated with the movement that
   support or comment on characteristics mentioned
3. An impact statement about the significance of this movement OR a
   critique of its legitimacy and/or value
4. 1 video or image of import
Creativity/Style: 20 pts
1. Utilization of various Prezi functions
2. Aesthetics in terms of design, proportion, color, symmetry
Grammar: 15 pts
1. Correct spelling and proper use of punctuation
2. Consistency with approach within partnership
Format: 15 pts
1. Correct citations for images and videos in MLA format
5 Key Battles of American Revolutionary War Rubric
Style/Formatting of Prezi              15  /  15
3 Images with Notes/Captions      15  /  15
Student Map of Battle                    20  /  20   
YouTube Videos                            40  /  40
·   Student (35)                                          
·   Additional Resource (5)
MLA Citation                                 10  /  10  
                                    Final Grade: 100/100