Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Summer Schedule

With school letting out, I am going to tweak my post topics to reflect my newfound leisure time. Here is the revised schedule:
  • Monday- Blogging a movie script! You heard me right. I have a plan for a trilogy of films.
  • Tuesday- Emma tragedy memoir per my father's request
  • Wednesday- Film criticism: Akira Kurosawa theme
  • Thursday- Television notes: Smorgasbord
  • Friday- Blogging a movie script. I figure two deadlines a week will force me to work on it consistently. Actually, I think the blog has really helped me establish regular writing habits better than anything else that I have tried thus far.
  • Saturday- Catholic novel series: reviews of the work of Shusaku Endo and Walker Percy
  • Sunday- Spiritual reflection for the week or commentary on a Catholic news item. 


  1. A script, huh? This should be some interesting summer territory. Do you want any comments or anything, or just polite digital nods? I can be your supplier, either way.

    Let me know if you ever want to read some of the stuff I've got lying around on my hard-drive.

  2. Hey, I would be happy to check out what you've been working on. Send it my way.

  3. All right, man, send an email my way through my profile when you get the chance.