Sunday, May 9, 2010

In-Law Invasion!

The Thompson household welcomed a mother-in-law, a grandmother-in-law, and two aunts-in-law this afternoon. I am beset by women as the female-to-male ratio mushroomed from 3 to 1 to 7 to 1 in a matter of minutes. Yikes! This is quite a change --some might even say payback (karma can be a bi@#%)-- for someone who grew up in a home with a 6 to 2 male-to-female ratio and works at an all-boys high school. To say the evening was eventful would be quite an understatement.

We enjoyed a wunderbar dinner featuring yummy fettuccine with homemade Alfredo sauce…sorry, I… had to wipe some residual dribble off my chin. Jennifer really outdid herself, as usual. Nothing restores a weary traveler's spirits or makes her feel quite so content as a belly full of rich fettuccine, sumptuous white wine, and decadent carrot cake. 

Talk about a super-sized Mother’s Day. I was surrounded by five mothers! They really are a fabulous group of women with fascinating life stories. They will be visiting us for the next four or five days to help Jennifer out with Anna and Sara. I’ll still be around, of course, but I don’t usually get home from work until half past four at the earliest.

I guess the best thing that I can do is to stay out of the way and treat these women with the utmost courtesy and Southern charm that I can muster. Wish me luck!

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