Friday, March 26, 2010

Media Hit Job on BXVI

Anyone who has ever read the utter excrement that passes for religious journalism at the NY Times knows that the liberal intelligentsia there has an axe to grind with the Catholic Church for its stand on the central moral issues of our time. The media salivates at the opportunity to discredit the Church whenever the opportunity presents itself. You can’t really blame them – oh wait, yes you can – since they are merely writing to appeal to their dwindling leftist subscriber base.

If you think me an unfair judge of the rag, I encourage you to read some of their recent pieces on the Catholic Church. They are almost uniformly negative, though they do generally throw a bone to the other viewpoint to give a gloss of impartiality to their writing. Additionally, I urge you to take a moment to scroll through the responses to any religious article found there sometime, and you will discover a vast litany of vitriol against the Church that will make you sick to your stomach. Even I was astounded at the effusive hate aimed at JP II when he passed away a few years back.

It came as no shock to me that the media took aim at BXVI when the sex scandal involving pedophile priests in Ireland and Germany broke during the last few weeks. The NY Time and other media outlets have been running a series of articles intimating BXVI’s complicity in the cover-up of these sordid crimes against children. The reality of the matter is that he has scrupulously handled all of these issues according to the letter of the law. This just doesn’t fit in with the liberal media’s narrative of the Catholic Church, so they try to bend or distort facts to cast doubt on the moral integrity of the Catholic Church. It boils down to a collective ad hominem attack flowing from a visceral ideological hate for the Church’s teachings. Don’t give these schmucks the time of day or let them lead you into doubt. The Church is full of sinners, including despicable priests, and Jesus came for just such a people. That is the radical message of the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church.

Pray for our Holy Father and pray for the conversion of the press in this country and around the world, so these men and women can see the great good that the Church does and is, not just its flaws and failings.


  1. Well, you know, Maureen said that the next Pope should be a nun, so they really just have our best interests in mind.

    Adam Thompson. Too hilarious, you'd think the internet would be bigger. But Sewanee alumni, Catholic, English teacher. You ain't giving me much choice in followin' you, boy-a!

  2. Why a nun for pope? Why not Maureen Dawd? I mean can you imagine encylicals beginning with such memorable lines as "Yup, we need a Nope. / A nun who is pope." Consider the sublime spiritual lessons we could learn from such a fertile mind.

    Welcome to the blog by the way. Are you a Sewanee grad, too? Hope to hear from ya again. :)

  3. So much so that you even know me, man! Albeit, barely. We only overlapped by a year, and I was a shy little Freshman at the time, so I doubt I made much of an impression.

  4. I thought you were! Your name sounded very familiar. About a minute after I posted, I slapped my head and said, doh! At least this foot in mouth episode wasn't as bad as last weekend.

    I went to the school play and asked a friend and her husband when they were due...and they weren't expecting. Ouch! I got her (Jennifer) mixed up with another female friend (a different Jennifer) who is pregnant, and as if that weren't complicated enough, my wife (also a Jennifer) is due in just a few weeks. You can understand how I might have been a bit frazzled knowing all these Jennifers! :)

    So what the heck are you up to these days?

  5. That's so weird, cause my middle name is Jennifer!

    Ha, no, these days I'm splitting my time between writing, cracking the manager whip for my parent's residential law firm, and just generally having misadeventures with a decided Catholic tint.

    But yeah, I stumbled across this from Catholic Minority Report, and it's a good blog! My hat's off to ya. And congrats on the wife and soon-to-be two kids!

  6. It sounds like life is treating you well. My brother just finished law school at Texas Tech last year. He's going to JAG school right now up at UVA and will be doing law for the Army for the next few years, so congrats on that! I know it's a lot of hard work to get through law school from listening to my brother over the last several years. And thank God for work in these hard times, eh? I thank my lucky stars for such a great position at St. Thomas.

  7. Doing law for the Army, man, my Dad would love to meet him!

    But no, I'm not a lawyer myself. I've got too much of an anarchist streak in me, in that I always believe that things can be done better, more efficiently, and more charitably. So my work for the law firm is more to question them about doing things better, asking on what grounds they're getting their ideas, as well as building and shaping their technology. There's not really a good word for it, but more or less I'm the guy in charge of training. It's... hard to explain.

    Kind of funny though, my Church in Dallas is actually "St. Thomas the Aquinas."

  8. It is sad to witness the silence of the Pope regarding the trauma of abuse suffered in the Catholic Church.