Friday, March 4, 2011

An Elegy for Karol Wojtyla

My English I students were required to write an elegy after reading and reviewing Al-Khansa's moving tribute to her sibling in "On Her Brother." I promised to participate as well. Here is the simple poem that I wrote this morning for Pope John Paul II who played no small part in my faith life as a young man.
           On Karol Wojtyla

Who would have thought that manliness
And gentleness could live in bliss?

Who would have thought that manliness
And tenderness could coexist?

Who would have thought that manliness
And holiness would be so missed?

His boundless energy bounded
And rebounded beyond the bounds

Of life. He smiled much from the Sun's rays
And much joy and much hope filled his days.

His zeal for the commonweal
Bespoke the love within the seal

Of his heart’s nature, and the flame
Of Nature’s heart would brook no blame,

Nor besmirch his kindly soul with
Ill thoughts or sinful deeds forthwith.

Truly, this was a saintly man,
A man who loved to serve in God’s plan.

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