Friday, April 23, 2010

Pillow Book: Guilty Pleasures

Well, it’s late. I’m bleary-eyed as all get out, and I still have not written my daily post. Crap! Oh wait, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Friday night… perfect time to talk about guilty pleasures. So here goes. I’m gonna roll the scroll down the table and let you add to it if you want. If you like this sorta thing you should check out the archetypal model, Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Book. Maybe this will be a continuing thread with different topics.

When I sneak out of bed to watch a television show my wife doesn’t approve of on Netflix, like “Blood and Sand,” because of its gratuitous violence and sexual content…guilty pleasure.

When I sleep through the night, even though my wife gets up every three hours to feed our infant daughter…guilty pleasure.

When I promise something knowing full well that in my absentmindedness I will in all likelihood forget what I promised to do, but I promise it anyway…guilty pleasure.

When I begin a unit that I have taught for many years, I will sometimes simply get out the syllabus and just change the dates rather than putting in the time to rethink the material in an innovative way…guilty pleasure.

When I indulge my gluttonous appetite by consuming more than my fair share of any and all foods that parents bring in for the teachers from time to time, so much so that many teachers likely don’t get anything but crumbs…guilty pleasure.

When I call on a daydreaming student knowing full well that he will be confused and embarrassed by any question that I might ask of him, but I do it anyway because it’s amusing to watch him mumble and stumble…guilty pleasure.

When I silently pass gas, but pin the blame on one of my daughters, or worse yet, our dog, Percy…guilty pleasure.

When I come to a rolling stop at the sign at the front of our neighborhood aggravating my wife to no end…guilty pleasure.

When I go the bathroom to read for thirty minutes at a time rather than to go to the bathroom…guilty pleasure.

On the rare occasion that I get into a fight or debate with one or multiple members of my family, and I win the game of vitriolic one-upmanship…guilty pleasure.

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