Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drink Texas, Eat Texas

When the heat becomes just about unbearable, as it has in Texas over the last couple of months or so, there are really only two ways to beat back the inferno—beer and ice cream—and there is really nothing better in the whole wide world than a cold St. Arnold’s or Shiner in a frosty mug followed by an even colder scoop, or three, of Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla.

In addition to the sheer satisfaction of delighting my taste buds, a downright indulgence from on high if I do say so myself (and I do), purchasing each of these products allows me to support the local economy. I like to buy local goods whenever possible, being reasonably priced and of high quality, as in the case of these two products, makes the decision an easy one. Thus, not only have I satiated my appetite without busting my wallet, but I have also supported the craftsmanship of Houston and Shiner brewmasters and Brenham ice cream artisans.

Finally, I take a keen satisfaction in supporting the environment in this small way. Why buy products that require shipping from hundreds or even thousands of miles away if you can get something just as good or even better locally? I know it may not seem like much for an individual to make a conscious choice to buy local goods, but imagine for just a moment if everyone started to do the same thing. The environmental benefit would probably amount to something meaningful in the long term. In short, I encourage you to buy local products, too. For those living in Texas, I personally recommend beginning your entry into local industry with a cold brew followed by an even colder scoop of heaven. God bless Texas!


  1. Adam, for a second I thought you found a restaurant named "Beer and Ice Cream." ...I would be a regular customer to that place for its name alone.

  2. Saint Arnold's is better than Shiner.

    You need to post more, Adam.

  3. Adam, I'm not sure if beers from (512) brewery are available down
    in Houston. Here in Austin the brewery puts out a pecan porter
    that is fantastic on vanilla ice cream. Just sayin'...

    As for the local foods angle, I wholeheartedly agree. Here in central
    Texas we have a multitude of local farmers. Buying from them
    insures that my dollar stays to support our local economy, gets me
    the freshest food possible, and helps keep family farms going.

    Adam, have you had the chance to read any Michael Pollan, such
    as his book 'The Omnivore's Dilemma'?

  4. You need to update your profile and post more.